Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beautiful Summer Day ~ family ~

Beautiful Day. Beautiful Children. Beautiful Family.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teaka's Little Girl ~children~

Oh, how much I love this little munchkin!!!!! She is full of energy and never stops running. She has the most cuddliest hug in the whole world. And the sweetest little smile. And she makes me smile. She doesn't like when "Teaka"(me) takes pictures because we can't play :(. She gives me the saddest looks when I have a camera with me. My heart just melts when I look at these photographs.

We spent a day together on July 1. We took some pictures, we said Hi and Happy Day to everyone that walked by, we ran in circles, had a tea party, we had a BBQ and we ran through "Teaka's" house, "rearranged" "Teaka's" room and chased "Teaka's" It was a fun day and great times with friends. Little Missy is going to be a big sister in few exciting!!! :) More pictures coming soon.

Baby Boy On The Way ~ family ~

Everyone is excited about new baby boy's arrival in few weeks, including me...he he. My beautiful friend M and her little family.

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