Saturday, November 21, 2009

My little friend O ~children~

Few pictures of my adorable little friend.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sisters ~family~

Photographing little ones is challanging when they are old enough to walk but not old enough to understand and follow the directions. But it is so rewarding to get to know their little personalities and character. And they are so much fun at this age. Not having any children myself, I really look forward to opportunity where I can spend some time with the little ones. And, for me, the session is not about photography and taking pictures, it is about capturing their little characters.
I photographed Missy B and Miss T before but this was the first time we had one-on-one time together. B is 18 months old and T is 10 yrs old. You can tell they are sisters by their beautiful blue eyes. Missy B had tons of fun and when she realized that she was entertaining us, she put up a show. When we dressed her up in a petti skirt she was dancing around...and I mean she was d.a.n.c.i.n.g... when I asked her to lay on her belly she didn't quite understand what she needed to do but she tried...she was rolling around, lifting her leg in the air (like a little ballerina)... then she decided to give some hugs around the room.... Happy happy happy little girl. At one point I was sitting on the floor and I asked her to sit with her sister so we can take a picture, she started to walk towards T but then she stopped, turned around and placed her little tooshie on my lap...that was just precious. And I hear T also had a great time changing outfits, hats, and posing for me. And I found out she has a crush :) but we won't talk about that here ;)

Great afternoon and lots of fun with two beautiful little girls.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Little Doll ~ baby ~

Baby K is less then 8 weeks old and so precious. She loved wearing the dress :) Her big blue eyes are gorgeous and she looks so much like her Mom. She was so tiny and quite interested in the camera. It was such a joy to photograph this tiny little girl.

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