Sunday, August 16, 2009

Secret Place ~family~

My friend A took her Nan J, "Batman" and I to a special place to enjoy the view and take few pictures.(By the way, Batman is my fiancé. A's Nan J gave him the nickname the first time we went on a road trip together. He was wearing a Batman t-shirt and a bat almost flew into him!)

The view of this place was absolutely amazing. We were on top of the cliff overlooking the ocean. The sides of the cliff were colored with white rocks and green vegetation. I felt like I was somewhere in Ireland. If mosquitoes were not so bad (they were eating us alive) it would be a perfect spot to sit down, relax, smell the air and enjoy this beautiful place.

On the way back we found a piece of land on the ocean front full of wild flowers. It looked like someone took bunch of wild flower seeds and spread them all over the place. Such a beautiful wild garden. And what a perfect spot for a little wake up to the sounds of the waves and smell of wild flowers...ahhhh....I wish.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer Babies ~children~

I had a pleasure to photograph some little cuties this weekend. They are all around 1yr old and "busy little bees".

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